Our Ice Cream

A wide range of delicious flavours

All our dairy Ice Creams are given their own individuality and are named around our piratical and seafaring themes. We also cater for special events such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Welcome to the unique Ice Cream world of Tall Ships Creamery where the best of nature, authentic taste and traditional Cornish Ice Cream craftsmanship come together, creating seductive ice creams of gourmet quality. Immerse yourself and find your own Ice cream bliss.

Our flavours range from pure and simple such as vanilla or clotted cream to carefully created combinations such as caramel and Cornish sea salt or caramelised figs and amaretto.

We are always playing and experimenting with different ingredients in our search for unique and intense flavours which are quite simply unforgettable. Our ice cream and sorbets are served in large and small tubs and cones. We even have special cones for most dietary needs.

All our Ice Creams are gluten free except for our crumbles, puddings, bread and butter and cream tea. Our sorbets are dairy free and gluten free and contain lots of fresh fruit, no flavourings or colouring. Our Yogurt Ices are very low fat and contain low sugar and we even offer Ice Creams for diabetics.

Sorbets - What makes Tall Ships Creamery sorbets so different? It is their authentic fruity taste, their velvety texture, their high fruit content, their large fruit morsels - or all of these? Find out for yourself!

It is no accident that our sorbets are so blissfully velvety and flavoursome. The secret is the fruit and the careful preparation.

As a family business we have always said we will make our Ice Cream and whilst people enjoy it we will continue our labour of love which is making it.

Ice Creams